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4721 Long Beach Rd, SE
Southport, NC 28461


4721 Long Beach Rd, SE
Southport, NC 28461


Storage Unit Sizes

Whether you need to store personal items, furniture, or business inventory, Ward Mini Storage has room for your belongings. Standard storage unit sizes range from 5’x 5’ to 13’ x 20’, with a minimum ceiling height of 8 feet. Store your recreational vehicles, boat, or car in one of our secure, outdoor vehicle parking spaces. (gravel base and uncovered). Click on the individual tabs below and use the guide to assist you in determining the proper storage unit size for your needs.

Approximately 25 Square Feet
These small units provide storage for miscellaneous and goods, office supplies, or for cleaning out those closets.

Approximately 50 Square Feet
These mid-sized units provide storage for the furnishings of one or two bedrooms, or for extra business inventory or office equipment.

Approximately 100 Square Feet
The 100 square foot units store an entire family room of furniture or the contents of two full bedrooms plus miscellaneous items.

Approximately 150 Square Feet
These larger units provide storage for the three bedroom goods of a growing family.

Approximately 200 Square Feet
These larger unit store the contents of a three bedroom house or five years worth of business files. This size unit is an excellent size for storing automobiles.

This guide is provided to give you an approximate idea of the storage unit size needed, and may not always apply due to large or bulky furniture. Another way to determine the size needed is to use the size of the moving truck you are using. For example, an 8’x15’ truck has ~120’ of storage space. If you are using professional movers, ask them to tell you how many cubic feet you have and we can assist you in determining what size storage unit you need.
Climate-controlled storage units are located within our same Southport, NC location.

They are available for rent in the following sizes:

5 by 5 feet
5 by 10 feet
10 by 10 feet
10 by 15 feet
10 by 20 feet.

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